Strategic Plan – Focus 2020

Strategic Plan- Focus 2020: In 2016 the WHSA Board of Directors engaged Allen-Olson Consulting to develop a strategic plan for 2017-2020. A large group and small group process was used to develop “Focus 2020”. Five mission focus areas were identified with initiatives to pursue:

1. Support for Local Programs to Succeed

  • Provide leadership and information to develop a shared understanding of the new 2016 Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS)
  • Develop a process and proper protocol for sharing information with the Association
  • Build the Head Start workforce
  • Increase the statewide professional development capacity.

2. Advocacy: Telling the Head Start Story

  • Develop a WHSA marketing campaign to create and lift up awareness of Head Start in Wisconsin
  • Utilize the voices of parents to tell their success stories.
  • Develop a grassroots advocacy network and build an advocacy agenda.

3. Defining the Work of Affiliates and Workgroups within the Association

  • Build a WHSA Quarterly meeting format, agenda and content to meet member needs
  • Define new ways to meet the professional development needs of WHSA members (using technology)
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of work groups, affiliates, and orientation protocol for new leaders.
  • Update the WHSA Handbook.

4. Implement and Maintain Meaningful Leadership Development Opportunities

  • A. Develop focused multi-phase leadership development programs for parents, staff, and directors.
  • B. Identify and support new leaders for WHSA
  • C. Create a parent leadership program.
  • D. Mentoring program for new staff and directors.

5. Viability, Financial Sustainability and structure of WHSA

  • Examining the Board structure for financial sustainability
  • Identify and pursue national innovative practices to increase membership and income sources.
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