Executive Director: Jennie Mauer, M.P.A.

Jennie Mauer is the former Head Start Collaboration Officer at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. She is a relationship-based leader who leverages opportunity and policy to improve outcomes for children and families in her community, state and throughout the nation. Jennie was appointed Executive Director of the Wisconsin Head Start Association in 2020.

“Three life experiences serve as the foundation of how I approach my work; growing up in a home supported by small business owners, working in direct service where I represented low-income individuals in their effort to get Social Security benefits, and completing a master’s in public affairs from the La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Watching the ups and downs my parents faced owning their own business and working with people in marginalized communities grounds me in the realities faced by Wisconsinites. I see the connections between policy and regulation and their implications for people and communities. My time at La Follette built off of that understanding and gave me skills to pragmatically analyze an issue, the available resources and constraints, and determine realistic options that maximize positive outcomes.

Operations & Events Manager: Brian Stults, B.A.

Brian began his career with Head Start as a parent and taking on a variety of leadership roles at Rock-Walworth Comprehensive Family Services Head Start & Early Head Start. Brian has sat on Head Start Boards of Direction at the Local, State, Regional, and National Levels. Joining the WHSA staff in 2016, Brian provides leadership, event coordination, data analysis, and anything else required.

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