Membership & Structure

All federally recognized Wisconsin Head Start and Early Head Start grantees or delegate agencies are entitled to WHSA membership.  WHSA members include all dues paying programs in Wisconsin.  Member programs are represented in the association by representatives involved in the director, parent, and staff affiliates.  The affiliates, in addition to any association committees or work groups, provide recommendations and action items for the Board of Directors to consider.  WHSA “members,” then, include both individual Head Start or Early Head Start programs and their director, parent, and staff representatives.

Each of the three affiliates also provides a forum for exchange, networking, training, advocacy, and action for representatives who share common roles and responsibilities.  The affiliates represent their interests within the association.  Each affiliate elects a President, Vice-President, Recorder, Region V Head Start Association Representative, and At-Large Representative to serve as affiliate officers and represent the affiliate on the Board of Directors.

The 16-member Board of Directors governs the association and acts as its decision-making body.  It is composed of elected director, staff and parent affiliate representatives and also includes the immediate past Board of Directors President.  The Board works with the WHSA Executive Director to carry-out the purposes of the association, determine WHSA objectives, represent the association publicly, and manage all legal and financial matters.

Like the three affiliate, the Board of Directors elects officers.  Officers of the Board include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  These officers and the Past President make up the Executive Committee, which may act on behalf of the Board between meetings or on any urgent issues.

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