Deadline to Apply: 7/13/2018
Location: Ashland & Bayfield, WI
Status: Full Time. Summer Layoff.
Start Date: 08/1/2018
Wage Rate: $17.87
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education; must have a DPI license in early childhood; pre-K;


• Assists in recruiting and enrolling families.
• Plan, prepare and implement activities, lessons and projects that support the curriculum of Family Forum, Inc. and addresses the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.
• Conducts 4 parent conferences per school year, 2 of which must be in the home, obtaining family input on each child’s development and behavior, plan together and provide opportunities for ongoing observations of their child.
• To maintain a high level of teacher-child interaction in the domains of emotional support, classroom organization, and instructional support as defined by the CLASS Observations.
• Implements Family Forum, Inc.’s protocal on Active Supervision and zoning of classroom areas;
• Implements practices that support social emotional executive functions and self regulation;
• Maintain a well organized phyiscal classroom environment by using tools such as the ECKERS tool.
• Structure classrooms and lesson plans to encourage parents to engage in their childs education.
• Participates in training, staff meetings, conferences and similar activities that promotes development of the program.
• Conducts a strength based family assessment with each family upon enrollment (as part of the first home visit) and at the end of the program year.
• Initiates with parents an opportunity to develop and implement individualized Family Partnership Agreements.
• Partner with parents and provide them with information about the importance of their childs regular attendance.
• Communicates and partners with the family support specialist;
• Refers families to the family support specialist for additional supports;
• Assists families with accessing resources within their community through our referral process and follow-up with families on the outcome of the referral.
• Makes referrals both inside and outside the program.
• Works with agency staff and consultants concerning the needs of the children and provides support to the parents. This includes participating in IEP meetings.
• Initiates activities that promote parent involvement in the program.
• Maintains all record keeping forms and reports information according to agency plans and procedures, including COPA.
• Data entry of required health screenings;
• Conduct the approved behavioral screening on assigned children within 45 days.
• Work with families and health providers to obtain medical and dental exams and follow up services.
• Promote shared responsibility with parents for childs early learning and development.
• Comply with requirements of the partnering school district for training, assessments, and curriculum.
• Participates in program reviews.
• All staff are to ensure the health and safety of children at all times and report any known misconduct.
• Supports and implements all agency policies and procedures

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Application Instructions:

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Family Forum, Inc.
Attn: Natasha
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