Dr. G Session Descriptions

Dr. G is Presenting 3 Sessions!

Conference Keynote: Using Your Strength to Build Resilience in Others
In every Head Start, there are staff who step up, show initiative, and move the work forward, but also those who do what’s asked of them (usually) and nothing more. In every group – and family – there are folks who look for ways to make a positive impact on their lives and on others, but also those who spend most of their time focused on the trouble they face, certain that nothing will help. Stress and difficulty build resilience, and anyone with resilience can build it in others. Dr. G will outline what language and behavior shifts can change the hearts and minds of people who feel the world is against them. From our youngest students to their families at home and our colleagues at work, each individual will learn strategies to bring the best version of themselves and others forward.
Breakout Session 1: How to Have Difficult Conversations with Students and Families
Loss, separation, illness, even death, are topics that come up in every preschool. Alcohol, body questions, disabilities, drugs, incarceration, war, natural disaster can all be subjects about which young children have questions. These hard subjects require effective and developmentally appropriate answers from their grown ups. Dr. G will take the fear out of addressing these issues with clear steps to having these talks in ways that adults can manage – at school or at home – and children can hear. Dr. G will help educators navigate these topics in professional and appropriate ways while building resilience in their students, and give everyone a path to addressing what is scary in a place that is safe.
Breakout Session 2: Here’s how to Use Stress to Create Growth and Happiness
Parents and educators want to protect and strengthen the students in their care so that they will struggle less and thrive more. Complicating this natural desire is this fundamental truth: as young children grow, they need more practice managing stressors and difficult feelings, not less. So how can you give kids what they need while making sure they don’t get more than they can handle? Dr. G, parenting and youth development expert and family doctor, will offer strategies to build mental health in children, giving them opportunities for struggle and failure, all while supporting them through these experiences.

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