Community Relations


The purpose of the Community Relations Work Group (CRWG) is to advocate on behalf of all Wisconsin Head Start and Early Head Start programs, especially for desirable state and federal funding or regulations. Because WHSA does not directly receive federal or state funding (unlike Head Start and Early Head Start programs), it is in a position to speak for its membership and carry its messages to state and federal legislators. Additionally, the CRWG directs the Association on opportunities for and involvement in coalitions, at both the state and national levels, that seek to improve early child care and education services for low-income children and families. It is the responsibility of the CRWG to advise the WHSA membership and Board of Directors to act and secure positive outcomes for Head Start and Early Head Start programs in Wisconsin.

CRWG Duties Include:

  • Being the origin for policy development and change and, further, recommending when it is appropriate for WHSA to be the agent of change.
  • Creating political strategies to achieve Association goals.
  • Developing grassroots strategies and training members to execute these plans.
  • Analyzing the impact of Association positions in the state of Wisconsin to larger, national and federal trends.
  • Building Association capacity to act in the best interest of Head Start programs.
  • Monitoring and maintaining Head Start’s participation and influence with the early childhood education and care community.

The CRWG Fulfills the Above Responsibilities by:

  • Conducting CRWG meetings at each WHSA Quarterly meeting.
  • Providing updates to the general membership at WHSA Quarterly meetings.
  • Facilitating the development of WHSA’s legislative priorities by the general membership and the Board.
  • Issuing alerts to local programs about important legislation and regulations.
  • Providing updates, when appropriate, for local programs on pending legislation or other issues.
  • Preparing membership for Capitol Visits during the WHSA Spring Quarterly meeting.
  • Developing position papers, to be approved by the Board, on critical issues.

CRWG Membership:

All WHSA members are considered part of the CRWG. Any member, at any time, is invited to join the CRWG and attend its meetings.

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