What is the Practice-Based Coaching Implementation Academy?

The PBC Implementation Academy is the next generation of the PBC Leadership Academy (PBC LA) that had previously been offered by Regional TTA or National Center staff. The PBC Implementation Academy is an opportunity for grantee coaching implementation teams to analyze their current professional development efforts and develop and/or update a plan, using PBC, to implement a research-based coordinated coaching strategy, that includes intensive coaching, as indicated in the Head Start Program Performance Standards.

Practice-Based Coaching Implementation Academy Goals:

• Provide individualized technical assistance to implementation teams as they make or revise a plan to implement and sustain PBC in their organization;
• Explicitly link PBC to professional development, training and technical assistance, and other quality improvement activities;
• Identify program management systems implications related to PBC implementation;
• Support implementation teams to consider program management systems as they make informed decisions about professional development that includes PBC.

Who Should Attend the Practice-Based Coaching Implementation Academy?

• Grantee coaching implementation teams attending the PBC Implementation Academy should consist of 4 – 6 individuals who are or will be involved in contributing to the ongoing planning, implementation, and evaluation of PBC. Teams must include:
• Grantee leadership representative (i.e., someone who can make decisions for the grantee)
• A coach representative (e.g., an Education Manager/Education Coordinator and/or someone who will be coaching)
• Education staff representative(s) (i.e., someone who will receive coaching)
• Director(s)/supervisors from sites where coaching will take place
• Teams may also include other individuals such as: governing board and/or policy council members, curriculum specialists, disability and/or mental health coordinators, human resource staff, etc.
• Grantee coaching implementation teams who have not previously attended a PBC Leadership Academy (PBCLA) or do not have a current coaching implementation plan (PATH).
• Grantee coaching implementation teams who need to re-establish their PATH due to turn-over within their Coaching Implementation Team and/or are no longer implementing coaching as planned.
• Grantee coaching implementation teams who have been implementing other coaching models and are considering implementing PBC as part of their research-based coordinated coaching strategy.

When and Where?

The Wisconsin PBCIA will be held at the WHSA training room in Madison, WI on May 27-29, 2020 (9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. each day). Lunch and snacks will be provided by WHSA on each day of this event.

How to Register for this event:

Grantees interested in attending the PBCIA event must complete and email the attached application to Lillian Mallinson, STGi Early Childhood Specialist, by March 13, 2020 ( A maximum of ten (10) grantees will be accepted to participate, and all participants are expected to be in attendance for the duration of the full 3-day training. Grantees selected to participate in the PBCIA will be notified by Monday, April 17, 2020. After this date, a registration link will be sent out to all Grantees who have been accepted.

Click below to download an application for this event:

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Questions, Comments & Concerns:

If you have any questions, please contact Lillian Mallinson at

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