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Wisconsin Head Start Training & Technical Assistance (T/TA) Center

In September 2010, the Office of Head Start Region 5 announced the Wisconsin Head Start State Training & Technical Assistance (T/TA) Center contract award to STG International, Inc. (STGi) as part of the redesigned national Head Start T/TA System.  STGi has been contracted to establish a T/TA center in each of the six states in Region 5 (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin) to create a regional T/TA consortium.

The Wisconsin State T/TA Center operated by STGi replaces the former two-contractor T/TA system where the Wisconsin Head Start State-Based Training & Technical Assistance Office (WI SBTTAO) contract under Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) provided T/TA at the statewide level and through cluster events and the separate Grantee Performance Support Specialist (GPSS) contract awarded to STGi provided individual TA to local grantees.

Under this iteration of the T/TA System, the Wisconsin Head Start  T/TA Center will provide direct support and technical assistance to the Head Start & Early Head Start grantees in the state to improve their capacity to deliver high quality services and improve outcomes for Head Start children.

More information about the Wisconsin T/TA Center or inquiries about the Wisconsin T/TA Center can be directed to:

Wendy Bowe
Early Childhood Education Specialist/Center Manager
Head Start Training & Technical Assistance Center – Wisconsin
STG International, Inc.
tel 608.469.4371
fax 571.255.6429