Early childhood education for Wisconsin families and their children


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Columbia County

Renewal Unlimited, Inc.Renewal Unlimited

Head Start & Early Head Start *

Director: Suzanne Hoppe
Phone: 608-742-5329
Fax: 608-742-5481
Email: shoppe@renewalunlimited.net
Website: www.renewalunlimited.net

Renewal Unlimited, Inc. received a Head Start Expansion Grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) to serve additional children and families through its existing Head Start program.

United Migrant OpportunityUnited Migrant Opportunity Services, IncServices, Inc. (UMOS)

Migrant/Seasonal Head Start (0-5)

Director: Jose Martinez
Phone: 877-413-8667 or 920-232-9611
Fax: 920-232-8129
Email: jose.martinez@umos.org
Website: umo