Early childhood education for Wisconsin families and their children


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The Dream Lives On

Smiling children in WI head start

Our nation was built on the belief that regardless of one’s circumstances at birth, we all deserve the chance to have a better future.  For 45 years, Head Start has been fulfilling the nation’s commitment to make that belief a reality.

At Head Start, we try not only to cultivate abilities but to also spark interest and passion in learning.  We want children to be prepared, ready, and already on the right path when they begin elementary school.  This does not happen without parent and family engagement.  Head Start recognizes that parents are their child’s first and most influential teachers, so we work with families to remove barriers to their success and to deepen their ability to support their children.

Our success means that today’s Head Start graduates will be tomorrow’s high school and college graduates.  We can never forget that our goal is not to just prepare children for kindergarten, but to also help children and their families be successful in life.