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Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way LogThe Finding Your Way forums brings together leaders from the larger early childhood and care community– representatives from Head Start, public school 4K, childcare, and community organizations.  Participants engage in productive discussion about the current and future status of partnerships in our state while focusing on a common element of partnership, full-working day services, for example.

Though each year’s focus is different, Finding Your Way always provides an opportunity for leaders to:

  • Learn about cross-sector partnerships models;
  • Consider how to produce, maintain, and grow successful partnerships;
  • Explore barriers to efficacious collaboration;
  • Share and discover positive strategies and solutions to overcome collaborative challenges;
  • Reflect on creating better outcomes for children and families;
  • Meet and network with other community leaders; and
  • Obtain unique materials, resources, and references to enhance existing and future partnerships.

To meet the above objectives, they meeting day is typically designed to include a brief overview, data review, networking lunch,  panel presentation on best practices models, Q & A with panelists and resource table walk-through, group strategy sessions around key issues, local collaborative planning time, and a discussion of next steps.

In 2008, Finding Your Way was devoted to building community approaches to Head Start and 4K, while in 2009 the forum focused on creating partnerships to provide full-working day services for children and families.