Parent Affiliate FAQ

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[wc_accordion_section title=”What is the Wisconsin Head Start Association?“]

The Wisconsin Head Start Association (WHSA) is a private not-for-profit membership organization representing more than 16,000 children, over 4,000 staff, and 62 Head Start/Early Head Start programs in Wisconsin. It is governed by an elected 16-member Board of Directors composed of director, staff, and parent representatives and also includes the immediate past President of the Board.

WHSA is an association of leaders dedicated to assuring the availability of comprehensive, top quality services for children and families in our state. We will accomplish this through advocacy, the delivery of professional development services, and the creation of unique resources for people and organizations committed to families.

Its mission is to continue to strengthen Early Head Start and Head Start programs for the benefit of children, families, and communities through advocacy, professional development, and strategic alliances.


[wc_accordion_section title=”What is the business of the Parent Affiliate? What does it do?“]

The Parent Affiliate is concerned with the Head Start/Early Head Start at the state level and primarily serves as a liaison between local, state, and regional Head Start/Early Head Start communities.

It is comprised of leaders who work to help WHSA fulfill its mission and reports to the WHSA Board of Directors. The Parent Affiliate provides a forum for exchange, networking, training, advocacy, and action among its representatives.


[wc_accordion_section title=”How do I become a Parent Affiliate member?“]

According to the WHSA By-Laws, a Parent Affiliate member must be a current or immediate past year Head Start or Early Head Start parent. Additionally, Parent Affiliate members must be elected or selected by one of the 62 Wisconsin Head Start or Early Head Start programs. Each local program decides how it will elect or select WHSA Parent Affiliate representatives.


[wc_accordion_section title=”What leadership opportunities are available to Parent Affiliate members?“]

Parent Affiliate members may run for an Affiliate Officer position, which holds a seat on the WHSA Board of Directors. Affiliate Officer positions include: President, Vice President, Recorder, Region V Head Start Association Representative, and At-Large Representative.

Parent Affiliate members interested in holding one of these leadership positions must submit a letter of consent from their program’s Director verifying their eligibility to run and their program’s support in carrying out the duties of the Officer. Only current Head Start or Early Head Start parents, or those who will be a current parent in the next program year, may seek Officer Positions.


[wc_accordion_section title=”When does the Parent Affiliate meet?“]

The Parent Affiliate meets at each WHSA Quarterly meeting. Quarterlies take place in January, April, June and October of each year.

Occasionally Parent Affiliate members “meet” during a teleconference to discuss business and follow-up items before or after a Quarterly.