Director of Family Services and Health – Acelero Learning – Milwaukee/Racine

Deadline to Apply: 6/1/17
Location: Family Services/Milwaukee/Racine
Status: Full time
Start Date: 6/1/17
Wage Rate:
Master’s Degree in Family and Child Development, Public Health, Public Policy, Social Work or relevant field preferred
Expertise in community based interventions to improve outcomes for low income culturally diverse families and communities, with direct experience developing and implementing program strategies with external partners
5 years experience in the family and community engagement field, including experience in coaching, supervision, program and project management to promote program innovation and organizational change
Expertise assisting families of young children act as full partners to promote their children’s school readiness and overall healthy development.
Strong analytic skills in order to quickly assess situations, identify trends, develop solutions and apply critical assessment to the larger context
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including ability to work as part of a team, communicate effectively both orally and in writing, receive and provide feedback and manage dynamic interchanges in meetings
Ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to successfully implement program plans
Pass physical examination, background check, and fingerprint screening

We are seeking an inspired and dedicated Director of Family Services and Health for our Acelero Learning Head Start delegate in Milwaukee and Racine Counties in Wisconsin. The program serves over 1300 children from birth to five years old across 12 schools in both counties. As a Director of Family Services and Health, you will provide overall leadership to an interdisciplinary team of family engagement and health staff to ensure implementation of all aspects of Acelero Learning’s family engagement approach, with the goal of executing high quality two generation strategies that improve child and family outcomes and ensure school readiness.

Preferred candidates will have extensive background in emerging research on the impact of family environments on early childhood health and development, brain development, as well as experience implementing innovative early childhood family engagement strategies in ethnic and culturally diverse low income communities. The position is located in Milwaukee/Racine counties, with regular local travel among the twelve Centers operated across the counties, as well as some national travel to participate in cross-network planning and program innovation meetings.

The Director of Family Services and Health contributes to our mission through the following activities and responsibilities:

Team Leadership: The Director of Family Services and Health must be able to inspire and lead a multi-disciplinary team of Family Engagement and Health and Nutrition Advocates and Coordinators capable of working seamlessly together with the program’s Early Learning, Disabilities and MH team to execute shared family engagement strategies designed to close the achievement gap for low income children. In this leadership role, the Director is responsible for carrying the program vision, developing effective systems of communication and collaboration, and creating a culture of pro-active problem-solving. He/she is also responsible for establishing and sustaining partnerships with external community organizations to assist with achieving child and family outcomes in the areas of health maintenance, family efficacy and self-sufficiency, and child and family support.
Model Development and Execution: The Director of Family Services and Health works in coordination with Acelero Learning national leadership to develop and refine the program’s core strategies in order to achieve each of Acelero Learning’s three family engagement goals, which include: strengthening family engagement with all families to encourage parent/child interactions that will help close the achievement gap, segmenting and providing individualized family support to motivated families according to self-identified needs and aspirations, and building social capital among families to sustain their engagement and support for one another over time. He/she oversees execution of strategies within the delegate, providing feedback to national leadership regarding strategy efficacy as well as on-going support needed to achieve model fidelity and quality.
Child and Family Outcomes: The Director of Family Services and Health is responsible for working with delegate and Support Center leadership to track progress towards achieving benchmarks that will result in substantive positive impact on child and family outcomes in the areas of school readiness, child health and well being, and family health and well being. He/she must be comfortable utilizing data to assess program and staff progress, and to refine management strategies based upon program trends.
Coaching, Supervision and Performance Management: The candidate will be responsible for leading and executing Acelero Learning’s reflective coaching and supervision practices with the family services and health teams, and for assuring that their management team create a learning environment that supports staff development while also holding staff accountable for high quality performance. As a senior member of the program’s leadership team, he/she must assure that performance management systems are fully understood and executed with consistency and equity.
Monitoring and Compliance: The Director of Family Services and Health is responsible for assuring that the Head Start program meets/exceeds all federal Head Start Performance Standards and that staff adhere to all aspects of the program’s Integrated Service Plan and Policies and Procedures. Critical areas of monitoring and compliance for this position include: adherence with Federal regulations regarding eligibility, recruitment and enrollment (ERSEA), maintaining full enrollment, assuring that all children are up to date with EPSDT requirements and receive follow up treatment for acute and chronic health conditions, and have medical and dental homes, as well as adherence to federal requirements for family assessment and partnership processes.
Fiscal Management: The candidate will work with the delegate’s Executive and Fiscal Director to develop and manage budgets and to assure that departmental staffing and budget needs are represented in annual budget planning processes.

Additional Info:

The mission of Acelero Learning is to bring a relentless focus on positive child and family outcomes to close the achievement gap and build a better future for children, families, and communities served by the Head Start program.

We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to creating a diverse and healthy work place.

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