Center Manager – Superior – Family Forum, Inc.

Deadline to Apply: 7/13/2018
Location: Center 2, Superior
Status: Fill Time. Summer Layoff.
Start Date: 08/1/2018
Wage Rate: 23.66

Bachelor's Degree in early childhood education or related plus 2 years experience working in a early childhood setting;


• Responsible for planning the operations of the center.
• Responsible for the Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance at assigned center.
• Responsible for maintaining full enrollment in their assigned center.
• Responsible for record keeping and reporting systems in the center.
• Responsible for the fiscal operations of the center.
• Responsible for the transportation system and maintenance of the vehicle/vehicles assigned to their centers.
• Responsible for overseeing the transportation of children from the time they are signed in on the bus to the time they are signed out and delivered safely to the designated person as documented in the childs file. This includes monitoring the emergency phone line.
• Responsible for communications with the landlord (if applicable) concerning the facility.
• Responsible for coordinating a program of in-service and training for the staff and parents of the center on a monthly basis.
• Monitors the effectiveness of all programs at the center and reports findings and issues to the Executive Director.
• Report to the County Health Officer and the Division of Community Services suspected or confirmed cases of reportable communicable diseases within the time frames listed on Wisconsin Communicable Disease Chart
• Responsible for implementing and monitoring all Federal, State and Local standards and agency policies related to site program.
• Serve on committees as requested by supervisor.
• Attend meetings as requested by the supervisor
• Conduct monthly staff and safety meetings.
• Responsible for supervision of all center assigned staff, employee placements and volunteers.
• Responsible for conducting annual employee performance evaluations on center staff.
• Responsible for facility up-keep, reporting facility issues and working with contractors for repairs when building is owned by Family Forum, Inc.
• Responsible for arranging contracts with businesses for up-keep of facility grounds (i.e. snowing shoveling, grass cutting, parking lot plowing).
• Responsible for all reports and reporting assigned to the center by Family Forum, Inc.
• All staff are to ensure the health and safety of children at all times and report any known misconduct.

Additional Info:

Part year position (10 months); annual summer layoff; Beneift package

Application Instructions:

Apply online at;
Send resumes to:
Family Forum, Inc.
Attn: Natasha
1507 Tower Ave. Ste. 312
Superior, WI 54880