Early childhood education for Wisconsin families and their children


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Why Is Head Start Important?

Head Start, a comprehensive early childhood education and holistic development program for children prenatal to five years and their families, is essential because it works–for children, families, and communities.

We use evidence-based best practices and partner with community-based organizations to help remove child and family barriers to success.  No other provider of early childhood services seeks at-risk children and families and provides the depth, breadth, and scope of services that Head Start does.  This is what makes Head Start so vital–its unrivaled and passionate commitment to helping children and families be successful.

Our commitment to our nation’s children, families, and communities pays off.  The Head Start investment is effective and means that children are more likely to graduate from high school and college, are less likely to need special education services, and are less likely to repeat grades.  We are proud of the positive impact Head Start has on our society, one child at a time.

Head Start is an integral part of communities across the country.  Local Head Start programs are adaptive and reflect the unique cultural and social fabrics of their communities.  There is no “one size fits all” approach.   Head Start programs work collaboratively with local schools, childcare providers, community service providers, and families to meet the needs of a new generation and ensure all children have a brighter future.

Everyday Head Start programs across the county commit to making our nation’s young children ready to succeed in life.